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Rose + Jeff Robbins

Updated: Apr 21

From the beginning we knew how important family and friends were to Rose and Jeff, but getting the honor to be with them on their wedding made that even more evident to us. Between the intimate getting ready moments to getting to stand at the alter with their children, there wasn’t a moment untouched by the love they share with the people there to celebrate them. The Heron Lakes Country Club in Mobile, AL was an elegant venue set on the golf course in the Cottage Hill area. Countless picturesque locations, private ceremony and getting ready areas, and attentive staff are just a few of the reasons we loved this venue!

Every wedding we go to we have special little moments of our own that we are blessed to share with the couple. Getting to be with Rose while she was getting ready and witnessing the special bond she shares with her best friend and “bonus bestie” was the sweetest moment to be a part of and share in. If I could put one word to the vibe of the Robbins’ wedding it would be effortless. The beauty, the fun, the laughs, all seemed to flow seamlessly throughout the day as if they were a depiction of the love Jeff and Rose share itself.

Please join us in reliving the joy that was the Robbins wedding and take a look at some highlights from their wedding at the Heron Lakes County Club:



As we all know it wouldn't be a successful wedding day without all of the amazing vendors! Here are the people who made this day possible:

Cupcakes: Latoya Wade

Bouquets and florals: Tallulah Rose Artistry

DJ: Derrick Suaveness Jay

Photography: K3 Photography


October 1st, 2022

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