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Kathleen + Wil Hart

Updated: 17 hours ago

Kathleen and Wil’s wedding was one that I had been excited about for awhile. The sheer love and excitement between these two was something that really stood out even from my first interaction with them. After meeting with Kathleen, her father and Wil, I knew this wedding day was going to be truly full of love and happiness. Barns and Bins, in Luverne, AL was the perfect rustic, romantic wedding venue. It featured separate getting ready areas, a spacious main hall for the reception, and a stunning barn door backdrop with white drapes and traditional wooden benches as finishing touches, perfect for an intimate ceremony.

Do you ever just meet people at a wedding, whether it’s the maid of honor or a sweet grandma, and they just make you feel like you fit right in? Every person I met at the Hart wedding made me feel truly a part of the day. Do you know how special a group of people have to be to know me for a couple hours and already have a couple inside jokes with me? Kathleen and the bridesmaids really took the “forehead to forehead” pose to a whole new level!

See if you can spot our little inside joke amongst our other favorites in the highlight pictures from the Hart wedding at Barns and Bins bellow:


As we all know it wouldn't be a successful wedding day without all of the amazing vendors! Here are the people who made this day possible:

Photography: K3 Photography

Second Shooter: Angela Lignos

Florist: Mrs Susan at Andalusia Flower and Gift Shop


August 13, 2022

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